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"If you want to lift yourself up, lift up someone else." - Booker T. Washington

Jesse in Santa Barbara, California (District 33)

Here are some testimonials from people who worked with Jesse...

" I have known Jesse for the past six years. I met him at the 2015 Las Vegas International Convention. He was the perfect co-chair of that convention. He is one of the most positive, happy people I have met. He is very knowledgeable and is always ready to help out District Leaders that are moving through the trio. He makes himself available on Facebook and via the phone. Although I did not work with him when he served as a Region 2 Advisor, when I was in the trio, I could reach out to him for ideas and recommendations. I know that he will be an asset to the Toastmasters Board of Directors, putting in the time and effort to continue to guide the organization out of the pandemic and build membership and clubs around the world." Lori Shapiro, DTM

Founder's District Director 2019-2020 California, USA

"I first met Jesse in 2016 at the beginning of my District Director term. As my team’s Region Advisor, he quickly became a warm and supportive presence during my leadership journey. In the time that I’ve known him, he has shown that he is a true servant leader who is dedicated to lifelong learning and growth. He is passionate about Toastmasters at all levels of the organization. If elected as International Director, I know that Jesse will serve with his whole heart and will advocate for the best interests of the members." Aubrey Carrier, DTM District 4 Director 2016-2017 California, USA

"Jesse is an kind, caring and enthusiastic Toastmaster who make connections quickly, looks after his members and ensures that everyone is included. I believe Jesse will make a positive impact as International Director because of his problem solving, analytical and strategic experience in both his Toastmasters leadership roles and drawing on his career experience."

Catherine MacGillivray District 73 Director 2012-2013 Australia

"Jesse Oakley III and I met in college during a Toastmaster's Speechcraft at UNLV where we were both students. It was the beginning of his Toastmasters career, and his commitment and enthusiasm for the core values of Toastmasters has been the heartbeat of his involvement in the organization even from the very beginning. Jesse pours himself into helping individuals grow into stronger leaders and incredible communicators while remaining an active member and and consistent mentor in several local clubs. He is a powerful ambassador of Toastmasters and has truly embraced integrity, respect, service and excellence. Jesse Oakley III has a quality of commitment and leadership that inspires others and enriches our local Toastmasters organizations, and being Region 2 International Director would provide an amazing opportunity to use his knowledge, leadership and previous experience as a previous Region 2 International Director to bring renewed enthusiasm and commitment to the core values of Toastmasters to Region 2."

Phelicia DeRosier, DTM

District 115 Toastmasters Las Vegas, Nevada

"I met Jesse in one of the virtual meeting three years ago, he is so friendly and I admire him how he contribute his time for others, and he is very helpful, even he doesn't know me, but as the Toastmasters fraternity he helps me and accept my invitation to one of my club in Saudi Arabia, I believe he is the type of person that willing to help others, and easy to communicate with. I support him as the International Director from Region 2, as I believe he has the quality of leadership and easy to communicate with."

Eliza Yuliana President - World Travelers Club District 80 Singapore

"It is with great pleasure that I add my name to the number of recommendations for Jesse Oakley III. For the 20 plus years that I have known him, he has been dedicated to his career in Toastmasters. The organization is enriched by his involvement. He will be an excellent I.D."

Verda Varner, DTM District 33 Toastmasters Bakersfield, California

"I knew DTM Jesse from the 2015 International Convention at Las Vegas when he led the convention as conference chair wonderfully & was really a great leader to the success of that convention that year."

Khalid Khalil Al-Ghamdi, DTM District 79 Toastmasters

Saudi Arabia

"Jesse Oakley, III has been my Friend, Mentor and Role Model for more than 14 years. I was extremely impressed with his professionalism and positive attitude when we first met at a Toastmasters function. Jesse is an elite Toastmaster and human being. He exemplifies the term Servant Leader and inspires everyone around him. I am eager with anticipation of what he might accomplish next. He is one of the real ones."

Guy Dawson, DTM 2017-2018 District 33 Director Southern Nevada & Central California

“Jesse Oakley is no ordinary Toastmaster. Throughout my entire journey as a Toastmaster since Oct 2014, I realized Jesse’s warm personality stands out to be an outstanding distinguished people leader.


  I met him at one of the online meetings during the pandemic. He was friendly and approachable during the breakout session and created such a great first impression to me effortlessly just by being himself. The room was full of honest discussions largely because of him. 


 Subsequently, I was privileged to be his esteemed guest when he was scouting someone from the Asian Districts to share the learning experience as a Toastmaster in his YouTube channel. I later found out that not only Jesse was a passionate Toastmaster but also highly competent in his technical skillsets. He edited the entire recorded session within a very short time and posted to me to view.  

     To me, he is more than an inspiring leader as he also connects effortlessly with members, friends and strangers around the world. I truly believe his attitude, way of being and optimistic outlook in life would motivate more Toastmasters leaders to build a larger community of Happy People who are great communicators and leaders! Vote for Jesse if you vote for World Peace!”

Patricia Yap, DTM District 51 Toastmasters Malaysia

"This is my wholehearted endorsement of Jesse Oakley for International Director representing Region 2.

We met when we were both Area Directors in District 33. He stood out for his sense of fun, and his commitment to the Toastmaster principles and program.

When he ran for Lt Governor, I was ready to support him, so much so that my own Lt Governor run was timed so that I could serve on his “trio”. I learned so much working with him. He is a visionary, and keeps his eye on the prize.

We focused on growing clubs and improving the interconnectedness of our district. Both of his Lt Governors went on to have Distinguished years, using what we learned from Jesse.

I look forward to having his inclusive, problem-solving presence as our next ID." Katy Porter, DTM 2014-2015 District 33 Director Southern Nevada & Central California

"As a Division Governor, I met newly minted Toastmaster Jesse Oakley III shortly after he joined our organization in 2002. Even then, I could see Jesse was a people person and fiercely dedicated to making a positive difference in our district. He listens to members and takes decisive action when responding to their needs.

In 2015, I served with Jesse on our International Convention Committee. Despite living 1800 miles away, I was included in all aspects of committee planning and execution of my assigned duties.

Jesse's extensive talents include the ability to observe, learn, build consensus, and identify solutions when faced with challenges. These skills will serve him well as Region 2's next International Director."

Bethanie Gist, DTM

Wisconsin Club #3490 District 35 Toastmasters

"I have known Jesse Oakley for approximately four years. We met when he decided to become a volunteer for the American Red Cross of Southern Nevada and join the Communications team.

Jesse began as a writer. He told stories about home fire survivors, blood recipients, and volunteers who deploy to national disasters.

Within the last year, I was promoted to regional director of communications for Utah-Nevada and was in desperate need of a regional volunteer lead for the communications team. When I presented the idea to Jesse, he jumped on this opportunity right away. His enthusiasm and willingness to learn are only a couple of his valuable characteristics.

As a regional communications volunteer lead, Jesse contacts initial communications volunteer candidates and interviews them based on their talents and what they can contribute to the team. He also assists with onboarding once the candidate is approved. Jesse has also helped to develop the volunteer recognition program- sending birthday emails, anniversary emails, and recognizing volunteers who have gone above and beyond, He leads the team in both Utah and Nevada.

Once I decided to leave the Red Cross for another position, Jesse agreed to take on additional responsibilities such as training staff and volunteers to become spokespeople for the Red Cross in response to media inquiries/interviews. As a public speaker, I thought this would be a perfect fit for him. And, again, he agreed to take this responsibility as well as anything else that would be required once I departed.

Jesse’s positive attitude is contagious and always uplifted everyone during our team meetings. He is the best candidate for any type of leadership position. One of his valuable assets is knowing when to lead and knowing when to be a team player." Cynthia De La Torre Past Regional Director of Communications American Red Cross of Utah and Nevada

"I am honored and humbled to give a testimonial for a magnificent Toastmaster and an incredible human being, Jesse Oakley III. His journey in Toastmasters started with a Speech Craft, and he became an exceptional Toastmaster chartering and helping many clubs. On his path, he has served his clubs in all of the roles possible. For the District, he spent three years in the trio, and he was an impressive District Director. He moved on to be a Region Advisor and was Chair for an International Conference. But what makes Jesse Oakley III an outstanding mentor and friend to all is his devotion to sharing and his communication skills.

In these times of new Toastmasters meetings becoming more national and international, Jesse's skillsets, his love of Toastmasters, and a proven track record make him a perfect person to be an International Director. Region 2 would benefit significantly from the guidance and love that Jesse would share with them.

I support Jesse Oakley III in his endeavor to be the Region 2 International Director. I know that he has overwhelming support from Toastmasters in many Districts in the United States and worldwide." Steve Goldstein, DTM 2019-2020 District 115 Director Southern Nevada, Northwest Arizona, & Southwest Utah

"As the Senior Recruitment Specialist for the American Red Cross Utah/Nevada Region I have had the pleasure of working with Jesse Oakley III for almost three years now. Jesse is a highly dedicated volunteer. He has been a key volunteer for both the Communications Department and Volunteer Services. He serves in both a local capacity in Southern Nevada and in a regional capacity for the Utah/Nevada service area of the American Red Cross.

As a Lead Communications Volunteer, Jesse offers a variety of skills to help promote the work and mission of the Red Cross. Most notably he has demonstrated proven project management, excellent communication, leadership and team work skills. As a Volunteer Recruiter, Jesse has assisted in recruiting volunteers by being a frontline recruiter at many tabling events and recruitment fairs. He has also contributed to the Chapter’s virtual recruitment video as a spokesperson." Bonnie Cook Senior Recruitment Specialist American Red Cross of Utah and Nevada

"All the candidates have been vetted and their websites list their Toastmaster milestones for everyone to read. Why endorse Jesse for ID? For me, it is not just because of his many credentials. I am endorsing Jesse because of his focus on the individual Toastmaster’s journey and his tribal leadership – it is not about ME. It is WE that are Great, and LIFE is Great.

I met Jesse when I was new to Toastmasters and attending my first TLI. He introduced himself and spelled out his name – J-E-S-S-E O-A-K-L-E-Y I-I-I (Roman numeral 3). That was memorable and I imprinted him. Little did I know that this soft spoken, insightful person would become a mentor and close friend as he asked me to serve as Host Committee Registration Chair for the 2015 Toastmasters International Convention in Las Vegas (the CC/CL among a committee of experienced DTMs). He mentored and encouraged me every step of the way as I quickly advanced to DTM within the coming year.

Our long drives from Las Vegas to District meetings in California afforded us many opportunities to discuss the growth of the Toastmasters’ program in Southern Nevada. It was not about statistics as I gave my first report as a new Division Director. Jesse had always stressed the importance of the individual member as being a root of a tree. If the members were strong and encouraged in their TM journeys, then the roots of your tree will grow deep and be firmly anchored. The tree will grow tall and wide as it branches out (clubs, areas, divisions, district, etc.) and the tree will be nourished because each member is strong. Without nurturing the member, the roots will be shallow, and tree will wither and die. It is a simple analogy but holds true in any organization. Empower the individual member with training, encouragement, kindness, appreciation, and positivity and success will naturally follow. That was and is his focus as it should be for leaders worldwide.

Jesse embodies all the above. He sees the good in everyone and uses every challenge in life as an opportunity for growth. Jesse is the smooth, flat stone that is skipped along a calm lake. The ripples that are generated touch a few that touch a few more and more and more. Those ripples are unending, and he continues to pass on his legacy in Toastmasters around the world.

In Jesse Oakley III you will find a dedicated Toastmaster ready to face the challenges and opportunities that are placed in his path as an International Director. It will not be about Me (Jesse) as he represents Region 2 as an International Director, but rather about We (all Toastmasters) moving forward in this quickly changing world.

All 'Happy People' please cast your vote for Jesse Oakley III DTM for Region 2 International Director. Let Jesse be a part of your Toastmaster legacy and life legacy. WE will be great, and LIFE will be Great. That’s J-E-S-S-E O-A-K-L-E-Y I-I-I (the third) for Region 2 International Director." Barbara Westhoff, DTM 2016-2017 Division H Director District 33 Toastmasters Southern Nevada & Central California

"Jesse is a person whose reputation precedes him. I knew about his Toastmaster prowess long before I met him. I first met Jesse Oakley III when he was the Convention Chair of the 2015 Convention in Las Vegas. I had been named Convention Chair for the 2016 Convention in Washington DC. Headquarters flew me to Las Vegas to shadow Jesse and take notes. I did, learned a lot, and was able to apply what I learned in the lead-up to the 2016 Convention.

I recall the pride I saw in Jesse's face as he carried the USA flag in the Opening Ceremony. I watched him lead his team at the Convention, always giving face and credit to the team. I tried to emulate his servant leader style.

His will was evident. He knew the program was always in the right place at the right time. With calmness, he listened carefully to understand all sides of any issues, help the person to take a correct action. When necessary, Jesse was good at taking decisive and timely action himself. He also instinctively knew when the resolution was beyond his scope. When it was, he knew who to turn to at World Headquarters.

Having seen my share of International Directors, I know that Jesse will be a good one. International Directors have the calmness and temperament to do just what I described above - listen, give advice to others on how to resolve issues they may or do face, when necessary, take decisive and timely personal action. And very important, to understand and stay within his scope of authority, referring issues outside of that authority to World Headquarters for discussion and/or resolution." Paul E. White, DTM 2010-2011 District 27 Director Co-Host Chair - 2016 Toastmasters International Convention

"I have known Jesse Since August 2018, but my best memory of him was when he and his wife hosted the 2015 Toastmasters International Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada. When it comes to being a helpful Toastmaster that loves to serve, Jesse is a great example. Whenever Toastmaster clubs were reaching out and looking for guest speakers, he passed the news on to me and several other speakers. This allowed us to not only get good moments of speaking opportunities, but also connect with other clubs in the Toastmasters community. He also gave me the name of a good specialty clubs in his district, and I checked them out to see if their ideas would would in my district. Jesse will make a good International Director because he is a strong supporter and promoter of Toastmasters for not only his district, but for the world." Faith Louise Cooper, DTM District 62 Toastmasters Michigan, USA

"I have known Jesse Oakley lll for many years through the wonderful network of Toastmasters International, and have a few very fond memories as we worked together in various ways.

Jesse is very friendly, knowledgeable and helpful; someone I can count on every time I need support, mentorship, a facilitator or a speaker.

Jesse will make an exceptional International Director because he is a great leader, very caring, knowledgeable and an excellent mentor to many."

Adriana Vermillion, DTM District 37 Toastmasters North Carolina, USA "Jesse is a champion Toastmaster with amazing abilities to connect with people from all walks of life. In addition, he is a great leader and has proven skills on all levels including past district director, Region 2 Advisor, and an international convention conference chair co-host. Jesse is all about positivity and execution. I highly recommend Jesse to serve on the Toastmasters International Board of Directors."

Dr. Sherri Raftery, DTM 2009-2010 District 31 Director Eastern Massachusetts & Rhode Island

"I had the pleasure of meeting and working with Jesse when we were District Governors.

What has impressed me about him, is not just Jesse's work ethic, but also that he truly cares greatly about his fellow Toastmaster members. He doesn't just say that he cares, he shows it.

I encourage you to vote for Jesse Oakley III, Mr. Happy People, for International Director - Region 2."

Victoria Dotson, DTM 2012-2013 Founders District Director California, USA




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